Leftovers from your everyday meals still have the potential to produce more food.
Black soldier fly larvae bring out this potential.
They decompose leftovers at high-speed and produce nutrients for the next meal.
With this, humans and black soldier fly larvae can co-exist in a unique way.
Grubin aims to reimagine how we deal with leftovers.



Hungry Frame

“Hungry Frame” is a product designed to allow both humans and Black soldier flys can co-exist harmoniously in everyday life.
It consists of three layers; plants at the top, larvae in the middle and fish at the bottom.
The larvae would decompose our leftovers and grow up to be the feed for the fish below in turn.
As for the larvae’s excrements, they would act as fertilizer for plants like herbs adding to your everyday meal.
Everyday leftovers to everyday meal, this is the cool food cycle starting from just a frame on your wall.
With hundreds of the design patterns covering Frame, you can enjoy your own life with Black Solider Fly.

Hungry Cube

“Hungry Cube”is like a small nature and also a product representing our ideal functions to explode the potential of Black soldier fly.
It is big enough to decompose all the daily leftovers coming from a family, and allows you to feed soothing aquarium fish with the mature larvae.
By utilizing aquaponic technology, the fish poop would not be the waste but be the great fertilizer for vegetables or herbs you can eat daily.
Moreover, we let some of the larvae be the adult fly laying eggs inside the cube to minimize the maintenance adding larvae every 2 weeks.

Black Solider Fly



Black soldier fly

Black soldier fly (BSF, Hermetia illucens) is a recently well-known insect for their huge potential in food recycling and thriving all over the world including Japan or US.
The larvae can decompose leftovers at an incredible rate, several decades faster than bacterias used in conventional composting, and grow up to be a protein-rich feed for chickens, fish or porks. Moreover, since the poop of them would be the fertilizer for plants, BSF can turn organic waste into both meat and vegetables.
The adult fly is also characteristic in that they won’t be attracted to our fresh food and never bite people. So they are believed to be a safe and sanitary insect.


Ryo Kawamoto

Ryo Kawamoto

Team Leader

​He raised and did research for Black Soldier Fly for more than 2 years. The University of Tokyo, Faculty of Medicine. The Masason Foundation member (generation 3).

Shota Higuchi

Shota Higuchi


He has experience of engaging in a project of JICA to help a Black Soldier Fly startup in Kenia. He is mainly responsible for designing and manufacturing products. University of Tsukuba, Graduate school of Science and Technology. The Masason Foundation member (generation 3).

Riku Yamada

Riku Yamada


He is one of the founding members of Grubin and mainly responsible for marketing. The University of Tokyo, Faculty of Engineering.


There is still a lot of space to improve about the way we deal with daily leftovers.
It is easy to start experiencing the novel food recycling with Black Soldier Fly.

CookPad Inc.

Kitchen space

Jun. 2019 - Jul. 2019

It was the first launch of our product to public spaces. We had goldfish at the top of it and allowed people to feed them with powdered Black soldier fly larvae. It was mainly for experiencing the whole food cycle we want to achieve and partly for making it easy to accept our product.

Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd.

Office cafe space

Nov. 2019 - Jan. 2020

They kindly introduced our product to the coffee space in their office. The workers took care of the larvae so sincerely that some of them checked everyday. A variety of waste, from leftovers from lunch boxes to cookies, had been happily eaten by the larvae.